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Fire kills!

  • In 2004 Fire and Rescue services attended over 33,400 fires in workplaces.
  • These fires killed 38 people and injured over 1,300.


Fire costs money!

  • The costs of a serious fire can be high and afterwards many businesses do not re-open.
  • In 2004 the costs as a consequence of fire, including property damage, human casualties and lost business were estimated at £2.5billion.
  • 80% of businesses hit by fire, however well insured, are forced to cease trading because a competitor has moved in on their order book while the recovery operation is taking place.


Fire Safety is an important issue which management must address to minimise the risk of injury or death, to staff or the public.


Unlike most other safety concerns fire has the potential to injure or kill large numbers of people very quickly.


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If a fire strikes your establishment are you aware of the possible implications for your business?

  • Potential for loss of life
  • Loss of valuable stock and finished goods
  • Loss of buildings and machinery
  • High insurance premiums
  • Total loss of business
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